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Performance Meets Personality

Throughout history, musicians have been creating with the same 12 notes of the musical scale. Arranging them, interpreting them and performing them in new and inspiring ways to bring their own unique vision to the musical tradition. How you choose to build on this history and create anew with these 12 notes is where true self-expression lives. With this in mind, we present to you Chroma, custom bows by CodaBow.

1. Select

We offer bow customizations with our Diamond SX, Joule, and Luma models across Violin, Viola, and Cello instrument types.

2. Create

Choose from 2 prismatic colors or 3 metallic colors for the color of the stick. Then pick from our 5 options for the color of the winding,

3. Perform

Bring your vision to life!

These intentionally crafted bows are fit for any genre and customized to express your creativity.

Every aspect was considered including the weight and balance point, the frog design, and the color of the stick and winding. Explore the collection below and create your next musical companion.

Diamond SX

The Ultimate Gigging Bow

A subtle frog-ward shift of the balance point delivers a livelier bow often desired by professionals. Constructed from Xebony a more durable, sustainable solution to ebony

Blended Natural and Kevlar Acoustic Core for unrivaled timbre, overtones, and range at every level

Diamond Weave Architecture precisely woven and layered from button to tip for optimum balance of strength, flexibility, and response


Power and Depth in Performance

Breakthrough Turbo Xebony Frog design focused on offloading weight under the hand and providing more space for bowing techniques at the frog

Powerful Blended Acoustic Core architecture allows for more aggressive and demanding styles

Diamond Weave Architecture specifically layered for strong and deep string connection to facilitate drive and power across extended ranges


Enlightened Performance

Streamlined Aero Xebony Frog offloads the hand to enhance facility while increasing the bows attack

Select 3-D Diamond Weaving offers quick, light facility while still possessing the deliberate command of the string typically lost with lighter bows

Acoustic Core design to provide uncharacteristically expansive tonal color and dimension not found in lighter bows

Customize your bow

Select from all of our excellent options and we will start building your next musical companion.

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